FREE Lightroom Preset - Osaka Reflection

by Phasma Pixel (TEST)

An Adobe Lightroom preset i created inspired by my travel to Osaka, Japan in 2019. Enjoy!

There are 2 files `.xmp` and `.dng` you can download. You only need either one of them depending on your preferred method of installation.

Install on computer:

The modern XMP way (recommended)

  1. Download the `.xmp` file on your computer
  2. Change the downloaded file extension from `.xmp.txt` to `.xmp` (the downloaded file extension depends on the browser you were using)
  3. On Adobe Lightroom: - Adobe Lightroom: go to File > Import Profiles & Presets > Choose the .xmp file - Adobe Lightroom Classic: go to File > Import Develop Profiles & Presets > Choose the .xmp file
  4. If you imported the .xmp file using Adobe Lightroom, the preset should be synced automatically to Adobe Lightroom Mobile on your phone.

Install on phone:

The old DNG way

  1. Download the `.dng` file on your phone. Either save them in files or photos.
  2. Launch Adobe Lightroom Mobile and import the `.dng` file into your catalog
  3. Open the photo in Edit mode and go to Preset.
  4. Tap the 3-dots icon on top right corner and tap Create Preset
  5. Use the preset on any photo